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World’s Biggest Car Collection :-

Sultan hassanal bolkiah, facts, facts interesting, random facts
Sultan hassanal bolkiah

#1. In Asia, there is country which name is Brunei and Sultan of Brunei country is Sultan hassanal bolkiah.

Sultan hassanal bolkiah has the Biggest collection of cars in the whole world.

In their car collection 5000+ cars. In their connection from Vintage cars to all luxurious cars available. The total value of whole car collection is approximately 2-3 trillion dollars which is the very big number.

Sultan Hassanal bolkiah cuts their hair in $21,000(Approximately 15,00,000 INR). The secret of their such a large property is the wells of oils and natural gas. Brunei is economically prosperous country. The citizens of brunei are free from taxes, there is no taxes on their citizens.

There car collection contains the 24 carat gold plated Rolls-Royce Royce car which price value in Indian Rupees is more than 1 billion rupees.

In their car collection, there are 604 Rolls-Royce cars, 574 Mercedes cars, 452 Ferrari cars, 382 Bentley, 209 BMW, 179 Jaguar, 21 Lamborghini, 11 Aston Martin and more thousands of cars are available.

World’s Best Book To Learn Finance :-

#2. According to lots of people the book which name is “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” is the world’s best book to learn and understand Financial freedom, The money Power. The Author of this Book is robert t. kiyosaki.

This is read by mostly all the billionaires of the world Because this book contains lots of knowledge about how to become rich, investment, money power, how to work with money and how money works for you etc…

Bill Gates :-

bill gates
bill gates

#3. When the Bill Gates was 25 years old they told that they would become Millionaire (crorepati). But because of their struggle and hard work they became billionaire within one year. When some people ask them how they wear sure that they would become Millionaire definitely. He replied he had complete and blind trust on himself.

Lamborghini :-

lamborghini, facts interesting, facts

#4. The huge car company Lamborghini never advertise their cars because they believe that the person who can afford their cars never Waste their time in front of TV.

Starting Of Lamborghini Company :-

lamborghini symbol
lamborghini symbol

#5. The starting of Lamborghini company is very interesting.
Long time back, the person who had tractor company went to the Ferrari company to buy the new Ferrari car because they had dream of to by Ferrari, he loved that car. After buying that Ferrari car, they faced problem in clutch of car. So, they went again to the Ferrari Car Workshop and complain this problem. So, the founder of Ferrari behaves rudely and said to the person that what did you know about cars who had tractor company.

At that time that person decided inside his mind to took revenge of that insult. So, he created the car company named Lamborghini. And nowadays the Lamborghini company is very huge than Ferrari company. In reality Now the Lamborghini car is the most of people’s dream car. Remember that the Revenge of insult always should take by becoming more successful than another person, not by fighting.

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Elon Musk :-

elon musk, facts
elon musk

#6. The interesting fact is that world’s 40th richest man Elon Musk create the large company named Apace X by reading the books of rocket science today world know him as an Ironman of real world.They read the all books of their nearby libraries. And also read the all books of their college library. They daily told their librarian to bring new books. Today, there net worth is about $20 billion dollars (approximately 1429 billion INR). And today he has lots of Huge Successful Company like Tesla Motors, Space X, Solar City, Hyperloop, The Boring Company etc…

Binaural Beats :-

Binaural beats
Binaural beats

#7. There is a new type of music named binaural beats, that can make you high and trigger special dreams and Increase your concentration power. It is very helpful to study and to focus.

Note :- If you wan to listen that binaural beats then click on Above Image or click here.

Usain Bolt :-

usain bolt, facts, facts interesting, random facts
usain bolt

#8. World’s fastest man Usain Bolt. He got $120 million dollars (approximately 8.6 billion INR) In last one Olympics 2016. And he ran in that Olympics for 115 seconds. So, it means he got more than $1 million (approximately 7 crore INR) dollar for each second of his running. But for those 115 seconds of his total running in Olympics he trained himself for more than 20 years.
That is called investment!

Dwayne Johnson – The Rock :-

dwayen johnson
Dwayen johnson – The Rock

#9. The man who started with just $7 in his pocket and the most hated wrestler in WWE. now he is the second highest paid actor in the world with the net worth of $280 million dollars (approximately 20 billion INR). We know him as ‘The rock’ – Dwayne Johnson.

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Forgot Password :-

forgot password, facts interesting
Forgot password

#10. If any time you forgot your computer password. Then boot up in safe mode (F8 during startup). After then login in as the administrator. And then change your password. You can change password. It is real fact.

Eagles :-

eagle, facts interesting

#11. When there is rain, all birds always go to their shelter or home on trees. But the only birds named Eagles never go to the shelter. They always go towards the clouds of rain. They cross the clouds and fly on that clouds. that’s real fact.

Fingers With Wrinkles :-

hand with wrinkles, facts
hand with wrinkles

#12. When your fingers and toes make contact with water for long time. Then the wrinkles comes out on our finger because the fingers with wrinkles is helpful to catch tightly smooth things in water.

Non-Barking Dogs :-

basenji dogs, facts
basenji dogs

#13. In the various breed of dogs, The Breed named Basenji dogs are the only one unique breed which are not capable for barking.

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