18+ Facts about Statue of Liberty – facts that you never know

Facts about Statue of Liberty

The statue of liberty is one of the  highest monument in the world. So, you have to know amazing facts about statue of liberty. Here, some facts about statue of liberty is very  interesting. you will know about the statue of liberty facts and history by this useful article. So, Let’s Explore It….

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#1. The full name of statue of liberty is “Liberty of enlightening the world”.

#2. In year 1886, France gave this huge statue of liberty to America (USA) as mark of their friendship.

#3. The whole making time of statue of liberty is more than 9 years.

#4. The total height of statue of liberty is more than 22 storey building.

#5. Its height from base to top is 93 meter.

#6. Total weight of statue of liberty is 225 tons.

#7. The seven arrows on the crown of statue represent the seven continents of the world.
Weight of each arrow is 68 kg And length is 9 feet.

#8. To reach at the crown of the statue there are 354 circular stairs.

#9. There are 25 windows in the crown of statue.

#10. The torch of statue was made in 1876. But In german army’s bomb attack that torch was damaged in 1916 World War I.

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#11. The total expense of repairing of torch is 1 lack US dollars. After that the stairs of torch were closed.

#12. The old torch of statue was exchanged with new torch in 1984 which was made up of copper and gold.

#13. In the left hand of statue, there are one book on which the independence day of America 4th july,1776 is written in roman language.

#14. The island on which the statue is established is called “Liberty island”.

#15. The outer surface of statue is made up of copper. But because of Oxidization process nowadays it looks green coloured statue.

#16. The roman goddess “Libertas” is the inspiration of making this statue because this goddess is worshipped as goddess of Independence.

#17. Because of the height, the lightning fall down on the statue more than 300 times every year.

#18. More than 30 lacks people visit the statue of liberty every year.

#19. When there is highly blowing wind then the mouth of statue shakes for 3 inches and the torch shakes for 5 inches.

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