15+ Facts about South Korea – Shocking facts

Facts about South Korea

South Korea is One of the most mysterious country in the world. You will be shocked by reading this interesting facts about south korea. Almost facts about south korea are covered in this one article. Some facts of this blog are really mind blown facts. So, Let’s Explore It.

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#1. Almost all the South korean people trust that the ‘4’ number is unlucky number. So you can see hardly ‘4’ number in South korea.

#2. Even in their building lifts (elevators), there is no button as 4th number for 4th floor. They right ‘f’ on the button instead of ‘4’.

#3. The average internet speed in the world is 7 Mb/s. Whereas in South korea the avarage internet speed is more than 28.6 Mb/s.

#4. In the whole world, printing tattoos on body is normal but in south korea its not normal.

#5. The profession of tattoo maker is illegal in South korea.

#6. If you migrate to South korea than you should hide your tattoos from others. Because of tattoos you may face the rejection in jobs.

#7. To remove that tattoo you can’t go to tattoo artist because there is no tattoo artists in South korea. So, you have to go to doctor for removing that tattoo.

#8. You can’t give tips to the Waiters or waitresses. If you do that then they will feel like you insult them. Because there is no need of tips, they have already a huge salary package.

#9. You can get unlimited meal for free in South korea. In the super markets of South korea, you can test any whole food for free and after taking food you might not interested then you can reject it and can move on. But take care its only for super markets.

#10. Most South Korean people are interested to give toilet paper roll as gift to anybody for their new home ceremony.

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#11. The students of South korea are the students who study most in the world.

#12. There is a time of study for students of primary school is avarage 9 AM to 6 PM. For secondary school it is 9 AM to 10  PM. And for high school it is 9 AM to 12 PM.

#13. The library of school is open 24 hours a day.

#14. You can’t do smoking everywhere. If you caught doing smoking in public place then you will be highly fined.

#15. Almost people of South korea are slim because of their madness about Fitness.

#16. The global obesity rate of south korea is 3.2% which is lesser than whole country.

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