21+ Facts about South Africa- shocking facts

Facts about South Africa

South Africa- most developed country on the whole Africa continent. So, Facts about south Africa are most amazing facts. these all interesting facts about south africa will blow your mind. So, without wasting time read these all facts about south africa and enjoy.- So, Let’s Explore It.

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#1. South Africa is world’s 24th most populated country With the population of more than 5.5 crore people. And 25th biggest country area-wise in the world.

#2. In that population, approximately 80% people are Christians.

#3. South Africa is also known as ” Rainbow Nation” because of its 11 official language.

#4. There are one country which is in between South Africa. Which name is “Lesotho“. South Africa is covering whole border of Lesotho.

#5. South Africa is only one country in the world who leaves its nuclear weapons program spontaneously.

#6. In South Africa, 1 out of 5 people is HIV positive which is one of the highest rates in the world.

#7. Two city of South Africa- Johannesburg city is known as “Golden city” And Kimberley city is known as “Diamond city” In the world.

#8. South Africa produces 9% of chromium of the world.

#9. 1/4 (25%) part of Gold of whole World is found in the mines of South Africa.

#10. South Africa has 3 capitals.

  1. Pretoria
  2. Bloemfontein
  3. Cape Town

#11. There is a tree 6000 years old. That is so big that One bar is working in that tree.

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#12. In South Africa, there are one mountain called “Table Mountain“. Which is one the oldest mountain of the world.

#13. South Africa is the only one country where Mercedes benz company produces right side driving cars.

#14. Drinking Water of South Africa is third safest water in the world.

#15. World’s oldest and biggest marathon is being organised in South Africa. This marathon was started in 1921. More than 20,000 people take part in this marathon every year.

South African food facts :-

#16. South Africa is Second most fruit producing country in the world.

#17. World’s biggest stock (storage) of wine is available in South Africa.

#18. In the South African city Johannesburg, there are Total more than 6 million trees. It is world’s largest man-made forest.

#19. South Africa produces 2/3 part of total electricity of Africa.

#20. Africa’s 80% railway infrastructure can be found only in South Africa.

#21. Facts about South africa Animals :-

These all creatures can be found in South Africa.

#22. South Africa has 8 world Heritage sites approved by UNESCO.

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