30 Facts about North Korea- you never know

Facts about North Korea

North Korea – You can say the living hell of the world. You have to know the facts about north korea. Here, some interesting facts about North Korea whereas Few facts are so cruel. This article also includes Some fun facts about North Korea. Read this all facts about north korea with full curiosity. And don’t forget to see the last Two Videos to know the all the dictatorship of North Korea and Life of women after escaping the North Korea. So, Let’s Explore It.

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#1. In the North korea, there is no such things like Freedom and Human rights.

#2. In the North Korea, there are only 28 hair-styles approved for hair-cutting. 10 hair-styles for men and 18 hair-styles for women.

#3. Shocking fact is that Their own supreme leader (you can say president) (Dictator) Kim Jong-un don’t follow this hair-style rule ever. And Most important is that no one can cut hair-style which is cut by President Kim Jong-un.

#4. Kim Jong-un threw his own uncle naked in front of 120 hungry dogs.

#5. North korean students have to even pay for their benches and desks for studies in schools. Whereas in the whole world students don’t have to pay for any such basic study things.

#6. Students of north korea are taught only the history and victory of Kim jong-un and their father Kim jong-il. Both are Dictators of North korea.

#7. North korea is the only one country in the world who have captured (caught) one US Navy ship.

#8. 24 hours electricity is only for VIPs in north korea. Whereas common people have to live with only few hours electricity. It is also seen from Space that In nights north korea is mostly dark without electricity.

#9. Big tech companies like Microsoft, Apple, Sony are banned in North korea.

#10. You tube, twitter and Facebook etc… Social medias are banned in north korea.

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#11. People of north korea are not free to say, sing or wear.

#12. In north korea, it is crime to watch any Hollywood movie. You will be punished for doing this.

#13. On the internet of north korea, Only those things are displayed which are chosen by government.

#14. All the media from Newspaper to TV and Radio all are in control of Government of north korea.

#15. There are only 3 channels on TV for VIPs and only 1 channel for common people which are also chosen by government of north korea. And the government say strictly to channels to tell people only good things of Dictator Kim Jong-un.

#16. North Korea has their own Calendar. Which are totally different from world.

#17. If you go to travel in north korea from foreign countries then you have to hire one guide because there are so many rules of government and so if you will brake any rule by mistake then you will be punished.

#18. You can’t celebrate your birthday if you born on 8th July or 17th July in north korea. Because Kim il-sung and Kim Jong il were dead on these two days.

#19. In the north korea, Women are strictly prohibited to wear pants and also men are prohibited to wear jeans. Because Doctor Kim Jong-un believe that these things are from American culture.

#20. North korea has election after every 5 Years. But the people has only one option to elect -“Kim Jong-un”. Because no one has courage to stands up against Dictator Kim Jong-un in election.

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#21. If anyone don’t follow the government rules then they will be punished cruelly even their three generations are also will be punished by government. So, People are so scared because of dictatorship of Kim Jong-un.

#22. Only politicians and government officers can live in the capital of North korea -“Pyongyang“.

#23. In North korea, only government officers can buy cars. Common people have no rights buy a car.

#24. Because of this car buying rule, the roads of country are empty most of time. So, children use those roads as playground to play games.

#25. In north korea, there are total 25,554 Km long roads but 724 Km long roads out of these are in good quality.

#26. People have to take permission for travelling in their own country.

#27. In North korea, to keep Bible is illegal. If anyone is caught reading or keeping Bible then they will be also punished cruelly. Because Kim Jong-un also believe that Bible is a American culture.

#28. If anyone is caught watching porn then government also punish them.

#29. People are prohibited to talk on International calls without permission of government.

#30. Some people of North Korea are trying to escape from this Dictatorship country. Some might be succeed so they are living happy life in their neighboring countries like China, Mongolia, South Korea etc…

I have some videos on people who were escaping from north korea and living happy life in other countries.

One girl saying her story from north korea to china. and also saying about dictatorship of North korea.

One Lady is saying her story that How her life is changing after escaping from North Korea to South Korea.

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