20+ Facts about New zealand- unknown facts

Facts about New zealand

New zealand- one of the most beautiful country in the world. Facts about New zealand are amazing. You will wish to go New zealand at least once in your life. After reading these interesting facts about New zealand. These all facts about new zealand culture will blow your mind definitely. So, Let’s Explore It.

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#1. New zealand is one the most beautiful and peaceful country in the world.

#2. Capital of new zealand is Wellington and Largest city is Auckland both area and population-wise. Facts is that before 1865 Auckland was capital of nee zealand.

#3. Whole world know the fact that there are 7 continents in the world. But new zealand is situated on the 8th continent of the world. Which name is “Zealandia” And 93% area of this continent is underwater.

#4. The first two person who climbed mount Everest together are Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay.
Edmund Hillary was from New zealand.

#5. Population of New zealand is approximately 47.9 lakhs. Whereas the are is as well as United Kingdom.

#6. Official languages of New zealand are English, Māori and New zealand sign language. New zealand sign language is being understand with signs by people of new zealand.

#7. New zealand has 14,000 Kms long sea bank.

#8. New zealand is one of the least populated country in the world.

#9. If You are in new zealand then you will never be far more than 128 Kms from Ocean.

#10. You will be shocked after reading this fact. New zealand has forests but in forest there is no snakes in new zealand whereas in Neighbouring country Australia, there are most dangerous snakes of the world.

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#11. According to many surveys, New Zealand hardly give approval to Visa of overweight people.

#12. New zealand is one part of Australia according to Constitution of Australia.

#13. People of new zealand can go Australia easily whenever they want.

#14. In year 2006, one person of Australia put New Zealand for selling on ebay.com. But after knowing that ebay deleted that post.

#15. According to world corruption index, New zealand is the second most honest country in the world after Denmark. And new zealand is second most peaceful country in the world.

#16. World’s smallest and rarest species of dolphin “Hector’s dolphins” are found in New zealand.

#17. In year 1893, New zealand is the first country in the world who gives right to voting in election to women.

#18. World’s most clean lake “Blue Lake” Is situated in New zealand.

#19. Total population of sheeps are 9 time more that population of human in New zealand.

#20. People of nee zealand are known as “Kiwis” In the world because of their national bird “kiwi“.

#21. To start your own business in New zealand is so much easy that it takes time of less than one day because of simple formalities of New zealand for New business.

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