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Facts about Nepal

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NEPAL, facts about nepal

#1. The official name of Nepal is Federal Democratic Republic of nepal.

#2. The population of nepal is 0.37% of world’s population.

#3. The population of nepal is approximately 2,93,00,000. By this population nepal is on the 49th rank in the world for population.

#4. There are 81.4 % people of Nepal’s population are believe in hindu religion, 9% people believe in Buddhism and 4.4% people obey Muslim religion.

#5. Nepal is the oldest country of South asia.

#6. Nepal never celebrate independence day. The day 25th September, 1768 is called as nepal’s independence day but in reality on this day nepal was found.

#7. Nepal is the only country which is never been Conqerned (ruled). So, nepal is never be independent country.

Kathmandu city, facts about nepal
Kathmandu city

#8. In the capital of nepal- Kathmandu, there is more than half population of nepal live.

#9. In the Kathmandu, 7 UNESCO world Heritage site are available within 15 KM.

#10. 8% of world’s birds can be found in the only Nepal.

#11. Nepal is also known as the ‘Amazon of Asia’.

Flag of nepal
Flag of nepal

#12. The national flag of nepal is different from other countries because mostly all the country has rectangular flag, whereas nepal’s flag is made up by two triangles.

tracking roads , facts of nepal
tracking roads

#13. 30% of population of nepal have to normally walk for 2 hours to reach any nearby highway.

#14. In the nepal, holiday is on Saturday not on sunday. And the friday is as a half holiday.

#15. According to one survey, Nepal has 20.71 Mb/sec average Internet speed.

#16. 123 languages are available for talking in the nepal.

#17. Nepal is world’s second biggest country for saving water.

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Tiniest men
Tiniest man

#18. World’s tiniest (smallest in height) person is Chandra Bahadur Dangi who is from Nepal.

Ramayana book cover
Ramayana book cover

#19. According to ramayana of hindu mythology, Mata Seeta born in the nepal. So, there is big temple of mata seeta in the Nepal.

#20. According to one survey, the average income of one day of nepal’ population is less than 1$.

#21. World’s longest record for doing handshake is of two people of nepal. They did handshake for 2 hours 45 minutes.

#22. Half of population of nepal never drink alcohol.


#23. National food of nepal is momo.

Gully danda
Gully danda

#`24. The national sport of nepal was ‘gully-danda’ till may-2017. But on 23rd may 2017, Nepal declared volleyball as their national sport.

#25. In the nepal, females are more than males.

#26. In the nepal there are 47 airports but there is a facility of runway is only on 11 airports.

#27. In nepal, 90% marriages are arranged marriages.

#28. Literacy rate in nepal is 64.2%.

lake tilicho, facts about nepal
lake tilicho

#29. World’s highest altitude lake is ‘Lake Tilicho‘ in nepal. And the altitude is of 4,949 meters from sea level.

Gorkha army of nepal
Gorkha army of nepal

#30. The Gorkha army of nepal is one of the most brave army in the world.

#31. The soldiers of Gorkha army are also in British army. The gorkha soldiers are alos in the special army units of India and England. The main reason behind this is bravery of gorkha soldiers.

Kukri, weapon of gorkha army

#32. The main weapon of gorkha soldiers is ‘Kukri‘.

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#33. Nepal never face the riot for the religion. Nepal government declared nepal as secular country (state) in 2007.

#34. According to one agreement, Without any passport and visa indian people can go to the nepal for touring by one special indian certificate.

Mustard seeds, facts Of nepal
Mustard seeds

#35. The nepal produce most mustard seeds in the world.

#36. Nepal is the 3rd country in the world for producing more gingers.

#37. If we see map of nepal and portugal in clockwise direction then the map seems like same.

#38. Nepal celebrate Happy new year in the middle of the April, on the 13 April of every year.

Kathmandu city
Kathmandu city

#39. The capital of nepal- Kathmandu is lake once upon a time. But after then the lake drained day by day and the Kathmandu city is made.

#40. The national debt of nepal is $5.8 billion (approx 414 billion INR). So, the debt on the people of nepal is $199 (approx 14,300 INR).

Mount Everest, facts about nrpal, facts about mount Everest
Mount Everest

#41. Mount Everest – The world’s tallest mountain is in the nepal. Which height is approximately 8,848 meters or 29,029 feets. Even 8 mountains out of the 10 tallest mountains are in Nepal.

#42. The nepal is also known as ‘The roof of the world’ because of its tallest mountains.

#43. The length of railway track is approximately only 59 KM. The main reason behind this is that the most of part of nepal is on mountains.

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