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Facts about Japan

Hello, we come with Interesting blog Facts about Japan. you have to know some amazing facts about Japan. and these facts about japan will increase your general knowledge for japan. Japan is developed country and the facts about japan is unknown for you till now but you will explore the facts about japan in this blog- Let’s Explore It.

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japan on map, facts for japan
japan on map

The country Japan contains more than 6800+ islands. it is made up by those Islands.

tokyo, facts about japan
tokyo city

#1. Tokyo the Capital of Japan is the world’s biggest city and it has highest population in the world as city. And Tokyo is the second most expensive city in the world also.

#2. Tokyo has 5th largest in the world and in asia 3rd largest airport.

#3. Japan has 12,67,00,000 approx population therefore the japan is world’s 11th largest country as population. Japan is the most crowded county. there are average 337 people per square KM.

#4. Japan possesses world’s second highest average age (44.6 years). It means the major population of japan live very more days compared to any other countries.

#5. On the 3rd day of september month of every year Japanese celebrate ‘Respect for the Aged day‘ to respect to country’s old people.

#6. According to one survey of 2012, In Japan more than 50,000 people’s age is 100 years old.

#7. In the whole world, there are more than 5000 companies which are more than 200 years old And operating till today. And more than 3000 companies out of them are in Japan.

kongo gumi, facts about japan
kongo gumi

#8. Kongo gumi is the world’s oldest company which is held in year 578 A.D. and operating till today. This company is in the Japan. The company is work as construction company.
Approximately for 1400 years this company work as a private company and then recently in 2006 it became subsidiary of Takamatsu.

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#9. In Japan, trains are very punctual for time. In 2003, the average late time of all the Trains of Japan is only 6 Seconds.
All the trains are driven and operated by private companies not by government.
In some genuinely reason the trains late for some time even when this thing is very strange in Japan and it would also become headline in next day’s Newspaper.

shinkansen, facts about japan
shinkansen train

#10. Shinkansen railway of Japan is worked for 50 years and till date it is working but yet the accident never made by this train.

#11. In the Japan, Cleaning worker is called Health care engineer. And they have to pursue the degree of health care engineering. And the salary of them is 5,00,000 Rs.-8,00,000 Rs.

#12. 17 Million ton fishes are eaten by Japanese which is more than any other countries.

watermelon, facts of japan

#13. In the Japan, many types of Watermelons grown by people. There is watermelons in different shapes like cube, heart shaped etc…

sleeping at work
sleeping at work

#14. In the japan, So many companies give 20-30 minutes sleeping break to their workers in a day. The main reason is that the average sleeping time of workers in japan is 6 hours 22 minutes. And because of lack of sleep many workers sleep in the companies.

#15. Japan feels more than 1500 earthquake every year but it is normal for people of japan.

hiroshima and nagasaki bomb attacks, facts about japan
hiroshima and nagasaki bomb attacks

#16. Japan is the only country in the world which faced atomic attacks on their cities named Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
In that attacks, more than 2,26,000 people died.

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hiroshima memorial park, facts of japan
hiroshima memorial park

#17. In Hiroshima Peace Memorial park from 1964 flame of peace is working on till date in the memory of died people in atomic attacks.
And it will never off until the all atomic weapons of world’s destroyed. And there is no danger of atomic attack on world.

#18. Though Japan is one of the most developed countries, It faced atomic attacks.

#19. Japan is world’ best country for technology with 1st rank in the world.

#20. There are more than 50,000 Kit kat are eaten by Japanese in a single day.

japanese keyboard, facts about japan
japanese keyboard

#21. Japanese use different keyboard than other countries.

rising sun

#22. Japan is called as Land of the rising sun. Because the japan is situated in the world in east asia. So the first sun rises in the japan.

#23. 2 billion books and magazines are sold in japan per year.

black cat, facts in japan
black cat

#24. The black cat is known as a unlucky cat in other countries but in japan the black cat is the sign of luck so the Japanese breed the black cats.


#25. Japan is best country in the world for making Cars And all automobiles.
Suzuki, Toyota, Honda, Yamaha, Mitsubishi, Kawasaki and Toshiba are Japanese companies.

#26. Japan is 3rd largest economy in the world after America and China.

Doraemon and Sin Chan, facts about japan

#27. In the world, the highest number of animation movies and cartoons are made in japan.
And japan earns more than Bollywood and Hollywood by those animated movies and cartoons.
Doraemon and sin chan are the Japanese cartoons.

#28. Japan is 2nd highest country which imports agricultural products after China.

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#29. In japan, less than 10 years old children have no need to give any exams.
And the teacher cannot fail any students till 3rd class.

#30. According to survey, 90% of Japan population have waterproof mobiles. Because most of Japanese have the habit of using mobile during bath.

vending machines in japan
vending machines in japan

#31. In the world, There is highest number of Vending machines are used in the Japan. More than 55,00,000 vending machines are available in japan.

#32. Literacy rate of japan is 99.9%. That means almost all Japanese are literate.

Aokigahara Forest, facts for japan
Aokigahara Forest

#33. The highest suicides happened in japan. Japan has the forest for suicide named as Aokigahara Forest.

#34. The Calling code of Japan is +81 and the Domain name of Japan is ‘.jp’.

#35. According to one survey, 95% of Japanese bath at night and they go to their works at morning after only changing the clothes.

horse meat in package
horse meat in package

#36. The horse meat is very popular in japan. Most of people eat this horse meat in japan.

#37. In japan, all children clean their schools themselves.

cat cafe in japan, facts in japan
cat cafe in japan

#38. There is Cat cafe in Japan. If you are getting bored you can go to cat cafe and also can play with cats.

capsule hotel in japan, facts for japan
capsule hotel in japan

#39. Because of lack of space in japan, you can see the Capsule hotels. It has the only space for sleeping.

japanese language
japanese language

#40. Japanese language can be read by both left & right sides.

cycle parking, facts for japan
cycle parking in japan

#41. In japan, you have to park cycles gently otherwise you will be fined.

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#42. in some place of japan, There are different lanes for people who walk at different speeds.

#43. In japan, while buying cars you have to prove that you have sufficient space for car parking.

#44. You must not talk on mobiles while traveling by  trains and buses.

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