30+ Facts about Eiffel Tower- you have to know

Facts about Eiffel Tower

Eiffel tower– One of the biggest tower in the world. There is so interesting amazing history behind Eiffel tower. So, to know facts about Eiffel tower is going to be amazing. facts about Eiffel tower are mind blowing and unbelievable. You will think about to go Eiffel tower and climb it at least once in your life after reading these all mind blowing facts about Eiffel tower. So, let’s Explore It.

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#1. Eiffel tower is situated in Paris, France.

#2. The height of Eiffel tower is 324 m. (1063 feet) with tip. Its height is as well as 81 storeys building. Distance between each pair of columns is 125 m. (410 feet).

#3. Its is made up by Iron completely.

#4. The making of tower was started in year 1887 and finished in 1889.

#5. From year 1889 to year 1930, it was World’s tallest monument made by human.

#6. Eiffel tower is the mark of culture of france. People respect this monument.

#7. To illuminate this Eiffel tower, approximately 25,000 light bulbs are being used nowadays.

#8. The Eiffel Tower is named after “Gustave Eiffel“. He was main architect in making of Eiffel tower.

#9. Eiffel tower is made for Global fair of year 1889. It was made for only 20 years. But it is still situated in paris, france.

#10. Government of france wanted to make one tower as gate of global fair of year 1889. And they have 3 main conditions as following.

  1. Tower have to be at least 300 meters tall.
  2. Tower is must made up by iron fully.
  3. Distance between Each pair of column is exactly 125 meters.

#11. Total 107 request was given to government which fulfill all conditions of government. But the request of gustave Eiffel was approved.

#12. Approximately 300 labourers worked for making of Eiffel tower. And the making of tower was completed in 2 years, 2 months and 5 days.

#13. Inauguration of tower was on 31 march, 1889. But it was opened on 6th may, 1889 for people.

#14. It is second tallest monument without antenna After Millau Viaduct bridge in paris, france.

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#15. Eiffel tower contains 3 storeys. There are restaurants on first and Second storeys. Third storey is approximately situated on 276 m from earth level.

#16. Approximately 7 million tourists visit Eiffel tower every year.

#17. There are lifts (elevators) for tourists. Elevators of tower covers 1,03,000 Km every year. It is more than 2.5 times of circumference of earth.

#18. There are approx 300 stairs from land level to first floor as well as first to second floor.

#19. From land level to third floor, there are approximately 1665 stairs.

#20. In the winter season, Eiffel tower is compresses 6 inches.

#21. Tip of Eiffel tower swings 6-7 meters due to high speedy wind.

#22. From the inauguration of tower to till date, approximately 250 million tourists visit Eiffel tower.

#23. During German occupation, cables of elevators broke. So, it was closed for people during this.

#24. Adolf Hitler ordered military governor of paris Dietrich von Choltitz for demolishing of Eiffel tower. But governor refused it.

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#25. Whole Eiffel tower is painted after every 7 years. 60 tons of paint is used for painting tower every time.

#26. There are some replicas of Eiffel tower. One replica is situated in Las Vegas and second is in China’s theme park. Many other replicas are in world at different places.

#27. French car maker company Citroën used this monument as biggest advertisement hording for their advertisement between year 1925 to 1934.

#28. With the help of light bulbs, car company’s name was displayed on Eiffel tower.

#29. On that time, Guinness World Record Book included this advertising hording as biggest hording used for advertisement.

#30. In year 2008, one lady married with Eiffel tower. And change her name to Erika Eiffel.

#31. Name of 72 engineers, scientists and mathematicians is written at beside of Eiffel tower Who give main contribution for making Eiffel tower.

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