40+ Facts about Dubai – Mind blowing facts about Dubai

Facts about Dubai

Hello, Dubai – The well developed and well known country in the world. So, its necessary to know the facts about dubai. Today, you will know the mind blowing facts about dubai. Facts about dubai tourism is very interesting  so we include that facts about dubai tourism and facts about dubai culture in our this article. – Let’s Explore It.

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#1. Dubai is not a country. It is only a well developed city in United Arab Emirates (UAE).

#2. Dubai city is pronounced as ‘Dubai’ in most language but in arabic language it pronounced as ‘Dubey’.

#3. Dubai police spends lot of money on their super cars. They have super cars like Ferrari FF, Lamborghini aventador, Bugatti, Bentley and Aston Martin one- 77 etc… In this expenses a student from USA can complete their studies very well.

#4. In dubai, there is majority population is foreigners. 85% of dubai’s population is foreigners. And in that 85%, 50% is from India, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

#5. One amazing facts is that In Dubai, you can eat a golden burger. It costs approximately $100 (7000 INR).

#6. Dubai is 4th most popular destination city in the world for tourism.

#7. In Dubai, there is no need to pay income tax on your business. So, many businessmen and foreigners are so interested to do business in Dubai.

#8. There is a very high degree temperature in dubai. normally its 50°c+ so, there is no snow fall. But In one shopping mall creates the skiing point in shopping mall.

#9. World’s biggest man made island is in the Dubai and it’s name is ‘Palm Jumeirah‘.

#10. In Dubai, there is a Gold ATMs. You can withdraw gold bars from those ATMs instead of money. Those Gold bars are made up by real Gold.

#11. Dubai has very huge garden named ‘Miracle Garden‘. The area of this huge Miracle Garden is 72,000 square meters.

#12. In miracle garden, There are 50 million flowers and 250 million plants. It is one of the main attraction for tourists in Dubai. And there is also one airplane in garden.

#13. Dubai has mainly two seasons Summer and Winter. There is no monsoon because very less rainfalls happen. You can see sun for almost full year.

#14. World’s only 7 star and very expensive hotel is in Dubai. Which name is Burj-al-Arab. In this hotel, It costs more than €1000 (approx 77,000 INR) for live in most cheapest room for 1 night. The hotel is between ocean.

#15. World’s 24% crains are in Dubai. Means world’s 4th crain is in dubai. Its because of very huge amount of construction in dubai.

#16. Dubai plans to make climate control city which is 2.5 times bigger than Monaco city. It will be covered from outside and the whole city will be made fully air-conditioning city.

#17. World’s tallest building is in the dubai which name is ‘Burj Khalifa‘. The height of this building is 828 Meters. And the total floor in building is 163 floors.

#18. World’s biggest mall is in Dubai. Its called Dubai Mall. Which covers more than 5,00,000 square meters.

#19. World’s biggest amusement park is work in progress is Dubai. In which, there are many man made island included.

#20. In dubai, the races happen between camels whose jockeys (Person who control any animal sitting on it) is not humans but their jokeys are robots. Price of those robots is upto 70 lakh INR.

#21. In dubai desert, there is resort in mall. There is 85 meters snow mountain and caves.

#22. World’s biggest cake is made in dubai. Which is replica of one bride whose marriage would happen. And the weight of that cake was 120 KG. Which is more than real bride. To make this cake 1000 eggs were used

#23. There are more than 70 very huge shopping centers. So, dubai is known as ‘Shopping capital of middle-east’.

#24. In dubai, there are more than 300 gold shops. That each shop contains more than 10 tons gold is available on the spot.

#25. The total weight of gold sold in dubai in 2013 is more than 354 African elephants.

#26. The crime rate in dubai is 0%. Its beta of the sharia law.

#27. In dubai, The metro is run in 2009. The construction of that is completed in just 18 months. In those 18 months dubai created 42 metro stations.

#28. Air conditioners are not only in houses but even air conditioners are available on the all bus stations.

#29. World’s fastest lift (elevator) is in Burj Khalifa building, dubai.

#30. Though dubai produce very high amount of crude oil, dubai invests more on solar energy.

#31. Dubai has a biggest container port in the middle-east. Which name is Port Jebel Ali.

#32. In Dubai, there were only 1 skyscraper in 1991 but today there are hundreds of skyscrapers in Dubai.

#33. There are more than 3000 taxis are operated in dubai.

#34. World’s highest tennis court is also in dubai on the top of Hotel Burj Al Arab. Which is used like helipad sometime.

#35. Dubai International airport is 3rd most busiest airport in the world.

#36. Few years Ago, People of Dubai had interested to breed Dangerous animals and Birds like Chittahs, Lions, Tigers, Vultures, Hawks etc… But now because of law of dubai its not legal to breed animals or birds like these.

Facts about Dubai Tourism :-

#37. Palm Jumeirah :-
Palm Jumeirah is man made island on the ocean. Which is made up by concrete. And it can be aslo seen from space. To construct this island dubai government spend approximately 26 billion dollars (more than 1,75,000 crore INR).

#38. Dubai Mall :-
Dubai mall is the place where more than 10 crore tourist come every year for explore. It covers more than 5,00,000 square meters. There are more than 1300 retail shops of many huge companies. More than 14,000 cars can be parked in the parking of dubai mall.

#39. Sheikh zayed grand mosque (Masjid) :-
Dubai government spend to construct Sheikh zayed grand mosque more than 3,500 crore. This is very shocking. This is very huge mosque that in this mosque more than 41,000 people can pray at the time. To make this mosque, dubai government imported very huge amount of expensive rocks from all over world.

#40. Burj Khalifa :-
World’s tallest building Burj khalifa is one of the most popular destination among people. Time To make this building is around 5 years. Most of the people visit dubai for seeing this amazing building.

#41. Marina beach :-
Many tourist in dubai be very shocked because of the so beautiful Marina beach. The buildings made on both sides of marina Beach are seems so amazing in night.

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