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China map, facts about china
China map

#1. China is the largest country for population. Therefore, every 5th man of World is Chinese.

#2. China is the 4th largest country as region (9.597 million km²) but still fighting for region with neighboring countries.

#3. China has the largest army (People’s Liberation Army). And china spending 18,00,000 crore which is high after America.

#4. In china, a small pin is kept on the collar of army officer’s shirt for Discipline.

#5. China is giving the training to dogs, swans and pigeons. China already give the messenger training to the 10,000 pigeons.

people live in the cave
Underground caves

#6. 4 crore people of china live in underground cave. Which is more than the population of Australia. Which remain cold in hot season and remain hot in cold season.


xi jinping, president of china, facts about china
xi jinping, president of china

The president of china Xi jinping lived in those cave for many years.

#7. The rule of china is that you have to have only one child.

#8. In the china, people believe that expect the table and chair which thing have 4 legs it can be eaten.

#9. In the june month, the whole china celebrate the ‘Dog meat festival‘. Only in that festival Chinese people kill more than 10,000 dogs for food.
And Chinese kill 1 crore dogs and 40,00,000 cats for food every year.

the great wall of china, facts of china
The great wall of china

#10. The construction of The Great Wall of China is started from 500 B.C. and it was kept on to 16 century. The whole wall is made up by rocks and sand.

#11. The 7 wonders of the World contain The great wall of china as the wonder of world. The length of wall is approximately 8,800 KM. And this is the biggest monument made by humans in the world.

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Genghis Khan
Genghis Khan

#12. The wall is made for the security reasons against enemies. But in year 1211 A.D. Genghis Khan (changez khan) destroy some part of wall and entered in the China.

#13. During the construction of wall there were approximately 3000 workers died and more than 20,00,000 people constructed this wall for their whole life.

#14. During the construction of great wall of china, if any worker got sick then that worker is buried on that place.

neil armstrong
Neil armstrong

#15. The myth is that the great wall of china can be seen from Space. But after the Apollo mission, Neil Armstrong said that the wall couldn’t seen from the Space.


silk of china, facts bout china
silk of china

#16. China make the silk from 3000 B.C.. And if any person tried to give the details of making silk to other country. then Other Chinese people killed that person.

kites, facts of china

#17. China Invents kites from 3000 year ago. And that time kites were being used for giving warnings to enemies.

oldest paper
oldest paper

#18. World’s oldest paper is found in china. Scientist believe that this oldest paper is made in the 1st century B.C.. And this paper is strong enough that the clothes were made out of that papers.

#19. World’s 29% pollution is produced by china.
Living One day in the capital of Beijing is as effective as smoking 40 cigarettes in one day. And this pollution can be seen from the Space.

#20. Because of very large population, From 2003 to 2011 china used more cement than the america used for whole 20th century for constructing buildings.

#21. In china, normally one building is being constructed per 5 days which is touching clouds.

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panda, facts about china

#22. On the All pandas of world china has rights. Because china give this species by rent to the whole world. And china has rights on their children too.

#23. Chinese government banned Facebook and Twitter from 2009.

#24. China has the rule, it said that if any rich people do any crime then that people can send any other people to the jail instead of themselves.

Brad pitt
Brad pitt

#25. Hollywood actor Brad Pitt is restricted to enter in china because he work in the film named ‘7 years in Tibet’.

chinese language, facts of china
chinese language

#26. The most talking language is Chinese (Mandarin). The second language is English and the third most talking language is Hindi.

#27. 85% artificial Christmas trees and 80% toys of world is made in china.

#28. China is the 1st number country in the whole world for selling more sex toys.

#29. According to one survey, The Chinese people smoke 50,000 cigarettes per second.

#30. World’s biggest shopping mall is in China but that shopping mall is 99% empty till 2005.

#31. The origin of Christian religion is Italy but approx 5,40,00,000 Christians are in china and approx 4,74,00,000 Christians are in Italy.

chinese twins
chinese twins

#32. The most number of twins of the world are born in china.

death punishment, facts of china

#33. The number of death punishment given in china is 3 times more than the number of death punishment is given by whole rest of world.

#34. China became 3rd country in the world which send the human in space after Russia and America.

#35. China invented Toilet papers first in the world.

#36. Historians believe that the china invented football.

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ice cream & noodles
ice cream & noodles

#37. The China also invented Ice creams and the noodles.

#38. The first mechanical watch is invented in the china, which also showed the position of stars.

#39. In the Shanghai you can not keep red cars. It is illegal.

#40. For the last 10 years, the economic development of china is more than the america.

#41. The number of suicide is very much. So, you can apply for the job of drawing the dead bodies from the river.

#42. 100 KM long traffic is happened in the Shanghai city of china. And it remains for the 12 days.

new york city
New york city

#43. China will may have 10 cities like New York till 2025.

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