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Facts about Canada

Hello, The well known country in the world- Canada. So, This time we come with facts about Canada. canada is the well developed country. and the facts about canada and facts about canada culture is very interesting. also importantly the facts about canada education is so amazing. you have to know these all facts about canada. – Let’s Explore It.

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map of canada, canada facts, facts about canada
map of canada

#1. The name of canada till 1950 is ‘Domenion of Canada’.

#2. There are Approximately 3,70,67,100 population in the canada.

#3. Canada is second biggest country in the world after Russia With the area of 99,84,670 square Km.

#4. In the canada, average 22,07,00,000 Hectolitre alcohol drunk per year. That means every year every person drink 79 litre alcohol. They spend their 80% income in alcohol.

same sex marriage in canada
same sex marriage

#5. Canada is world’s 4th country which declare same sex marriage legal on 20 july, 2005.

#6. The 50% people of Canada’s population is not born in Canada.

toronto, facts about canada
Toronto- city of Canada

#7. Toronto is biggest city in the canada.

Justin Trudeau, facts about canada
Justin Trudeau- The prime minister of Canada

#8. Canada’s prime minister is Justin Trudeau who worked as bouncer in night club.

#9. When government of canada give their citizenship to any people then the also give one cultural pass. By that the people can go every museum of canada free of cost.

6 time zones of canada, facts about Canada
6 time zones of Canada

#10. Canada contains 6 type of timezone.

#11. Every people of canada eats 190 eggs per year.

#12. Canada is also known in the world for its quality of education. It is one of the most educated country. And their 99% population is well educated.


#13. Macaroni and paneer are most eaten by canadians every year. Where every person eats 23.4 Pound (10.614 Kg.) paneer per year.

oil wells, facts about canada
Oil wells

#14. Canada has very much oil wells. It is 3rd country for more oil wells after saudi Arabia and Venezuela.


#15. America did 2 attacks on canada. But America lose Both the time.

#16. Canada’s economy is 1.8 trillion dollars. Which is 10th strongest economy in the world.

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force of canada, facts about canada

Canadien forces

#17. The Canadian defense has 1400 army vehicles, 34 berry ships, 861 aircraft in their forces.

national park of canada, facts about canada
National park of canada

#18. Canada’s national park is biggest national park in the world and very popular. The national park is bigger than whole Switzerland country.

#19. The prostitution is illegal in the canada.

calgary city, facts about canada
calgary city

#20. One person is arrested in canada because he flew on the Calgary city with 100 ballons and chair.

#21. 98% of Canada’s population is know the both languages English and French.

north-west canada number plates, facts about canada
north-west canada’s car number plates

#22. In the north-west canada, the number plates of cars are made in shape of polar bear.

#23. The lowest temperature till today in Canada in -63 degree °c in 1947.

biggest skating rink
biggest skating rink

#24. Canada has Longest skating rink in the world.

punjabis in canada
punjabis in canada

#25. Every year approx 30,000 people go and live in Canada. And most people are from punjabi from Punjab, India.

hydroelectricity plant of canada, facts about canada
Hydroelectricity plant of Canada

#26. Canada is 2nd country for producing most hydroelectricity in the world after China.

#27. In the canada, there are 469 cars available per 1000 people.

#28. In canada, its not easy to be an owner of rat. you have to take permission for that. And to kill or to sell any living rats is illegal.

#29. Canada is the 7th happiest country in the world.

Caspian sea, facts about canada
Caspiann sea

#30. World’s Biggest lake ‘The Caspian Sea‘ is in the canada.

biggest uranium mine
McArthur River uranium mine

#31. The world’s Biggest uranium mine is in the canada. which name is McArthur River mine.

#32. There are 522 airports which have facility of runway and 931 airports which have no runway facility.

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#33. Canada has Longest border 8,891 Km in the world which is with America.

#34. The Longest street in the world is in canada. Which name is ‘Yonge street’.

#35. In the HDI means human development index, canada is the 10th country in the world. And for quality of life index canada is the 1st rank country.

hotel de glace
hotel de glace

#36. In the city of canada ‘Quebec‘, there is a one hotel named  ‘Hôtel de Glace‘ which is completely made up by snow (ice). And every year it is Repeatedly made up.

#37. To construct Hôtel de Glace 500 tons ice and 40,000 tons snow is used every year.

#38. 77% of maple juice is made only in the city Quebec.

#39. World’s smallest jail is in the canada.

#40. Canada is 7th most peaceful country in the world.

Montreal city
Montreal city

#41. In the city Montreal, there are more churches are available than houses. So its called as ‘city of the church’.

#42. average lifetime of people of canada is 81 years in canada.

alberta province
Alberta province

#43. Canada’s Alberta province is rat-free for last 50 years.

#44. 40% Forests of world’s  forest are only in canada.


#45. Canada’s 80% houses have internet connection.

Queen elizabeth II, facts about canada
Queen elizabeth II

#46. The queen Elizabeth II is Canada’s head of the state.

#47. Canada’s calling code is +1 and domain name is ‘.ca’.

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#48. The forests of canada are too big that forests can contains many countries like japan, Italy, Cambodia, Germany and France easily.

maple leaf
maple leaf

#49. Canada’s national flower is maple.

#50. Maple Leaf is the national symbol of the canada. The maple Leaf is also in the flag of canada.

#51. The 84% population of canada is living in cities.

#52. 20% of world’s fresh water is available only in Canada.

cattle in canada

#53. More than 50 millions cattle are in the canada.

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