17+ Facts about Australia – Interesting facts

Facts about Australia

Australia one of the best country to travel and explore in the world. Therefore, exploring facts about Australia is very amazing. All the interesting facts about is in one article. Facts about Australian beaches are also included in this article which more interesting. Some facts about Australia can shock you. So, Let’s Explore It.

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#1. Australia is considered as country as well as continent in the world.

#2. 25% population of Australia is not born in Australia.

#3. 65% population is very fat in Australia.

#4. 80% population of Australia is connected with Gambling by any way.

#5. The total population of camels in Australia is very large so Saudi Arabia imports camels from Australia.

#6. The total population of Australia is approximately 2.5 crore.

#7. It is saying that one Australia born in India every year Because Every year 2.5 crore population increases in India.

#8. Highest number of Venomous Snakes are found in Australia.

#9. Australia is the second country in the world to give rights to women for voting in year 1902. And First country is New zealand.

#10. Australia is well known as country of kangaroos because in Australia the population of kangaroos is more than population of humans.

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#11. In The world, Australia is known as “The capital of games”.

#12. Average 70% of population take part in any game within one week.

#13.Moomba” is the biggest festival in Australia which is held in Melbourne.

#14. First time in the world The law of seat-belt during driving was laid down in Victoria state, Australia in year 1970.

#15. The rate of electricity in Australia is highest in the world.

#16. The Highway no.1 is the 2nd longest highway in the world. The total length of highway no. 1 is 14,500 Kms. Which is covering the whole Australia.

#17. The colour of water of Lake Hillier is pink.

#18. The voting in every election is Compulsory is Australia. and Government of Australia fine highly to people who don’t vote in Elections of Australia.

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