30 Facts about Amazon Rainforest- you have to know

Facts about Amazon Rainforest

Amazon forest is Biggest Rainforest in the World. Amazon rainforest is one of the most amazing forest in the world. but as well as this is one of the most deadliest forest in the world. So, it is very interesting to know the facts about amazon rainforest. Amazon rainforest hides too much secrets in itself. we will explore that secrets through facts about amazon rainforest. As well as we will explore facts about Deadliest Anaconda, facts about Jaguar of Amazon rainforest, facts about Harpy Eagle, facts about Bullet Ants and facts about one Hot River of Amazon rainforest which Temperature is Very High. You will be amaze after exploring facts about Amazon forest.- Let’s Explore It.

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#1. Amazon rainforest is known as “Lungs of Earth”.

#2. Forest of Amazon is Producing 20% of total oxygen of the earth.

#3. Amazon rainforest is covering 9 countries of south America. Maximum part of forest is in the Brazil.

#4. Brazil contains 60% part of Amazon rainforest. Peru contains 13% part, colombia has 10%, and remaining part of it is in other 6 countries.

#5. Total area of Amazon rainforest is approximately 5.5. Million square Km whereas India has only 3.287 Million square Km. And China has 9.597 Million square Km whereas Russia has 17.1 Million square Km.

#6. It Means whole India or half of China or 30% of Russia can br fit in Amazon rainforest.

#7. Amazon rainforest coveres 4% of total earth area.

#8. There are 390 billion trees in Amazon rainforest.

#9. The trees are so strong, big and bushy therefore the land of Amazon rainforest gain only 1% sunlight.

#10. Amazon river of Amazon rainforest is second longest river (as length) After Nile River and biggest river (as water) in the world.

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#11. 20% rivers of world are meeting in Amazon river.

#12. There are more than 17,000 species of trees in Amazon rainforest.

#13. More than 30,000 species of insects are found in Amazon rainforest.

#14. There are more than 5000 species of fishes found in Amazon river.

#15. More than 3000 species of spiders in the Amazon rainforest.

Facts about amazon rainforest animals and insects :-

Bullet ant :-

#16. The real name of Bullet ant is “Paraponera clavata“. it is very small. But when it bites anyone. Pain is very unbearable. Its very tough. Person can suffer from high fever because of its bite.

Frogs :-

#17. There are more than 120 species of venomous frogs. They are so beautiful but every frog contains poison to kill 10 persons. Anyone can find it easily in rainy season in Amazon rainforest.

Anaconda :-

#18. Huge Anacondas are shown in many movies. But the truth is that they are not so much big as shown in movies. But They are very dangerous.

#19. Length of anacondas found in Amazon rainforest is approximately 30-40 feet.

#20. Anacondas are not venomous but they direct swallow any animal.

#21. They can remain without eating for months after eating one big animal.

#22. They can found in marshy areas of Amazon rainforest.

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Hot River of Amazon Rinforest“Shanay-Timpishka” :-

#23. There is a one hot river in Amazon rainforest. Its name is “Shanay-Timpishka” Also known as “La Bomba”.

#24. Temperature of this river is approximately 100 – 110 degree celsius (°C).

#25. So you can see boiling water in this river.

#26. Some species of people of Amazon rainforest drop dead bodies of their people in this river instead of burn or bury them.

#27. Some people also believe that this river is the “Gate of Heaven”.

Jaguar :-

#28. Jaguar is one of the most dangerous animal in the Amazon rainforest.It is one type of leopards. Jaguar is more active animal in Amazon rainforest. It hunts mostly animals. Jaguar make distance from human means they hardly hunt any human.

Harpy Eagle :-

#29. Harpy Eagle is mostly found in Amazon rainforest. It is one type of eagles.

#30. As It is very huge. So it can lift double weight of its weight. Its favorite prey is monkeys. Harpy eagle is so dangerous.

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