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This blog is about world’s most interesting topic SPACE FACTS. This time we bring the Interesting Facts about space. and this type of Space facts can help you in some exams to Score marks too. Facts about universe and Facts about space is the most amazing and interesting topic in the World. Interesting facts about space increase your interest to know about space.By knowing some interesting facts about space exploration and space facts you will imagine yourself in the New World, in the Infinity Universe. – Let’s Explore It.

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Water in space, space facts
water in space

#1. In space, water can actually be used to start a fire.

milky way, our galaxy, facts about space exploration
milky way

#2. 225 million years is the time taken by our solar system to rotate around the entire milky way.

skylab, space station, facts about space exploration

#3. Skylab was longer than the twelve story building and contained almost 12000 cubic feet of living space.

in space sation
in space sation

#4. Spending an extended amount of time in space will permanently change your DNA.

#5. An Apollo astronaut lost his wedding ring during a trip to the moon and found it again during a spacewalk.

members of apollo 10, interesting space facts
members of apollo 10

#6. The Apollo 10 mission has the record for the highest speed attained by a vehicle with man.

#7. You can’t burp in space. The Liquid andand gasses in your stomach don’t seperate in zero gravity.

#8. Only 3 people have died in space, all Russian cosmonauts. In which one is Indian based cosmonaut KALPANA CHAWLA.

#9. Over 30 monkeys and 12 dogs have been in space so far.

space station, space facts
space station

#10. Humans have built 9 manned space stations so far, since the year 1971.

#11. It’s impossible to whistle in space suit.

space shuttle, facts about space exploration
space shuttle

#12. Each space shuttle has traveled more distance than there is between earth and sun.

#13. Human brain cells, the universe and internet all have the similar structure.

viking mission, facts space
viking mission

#14. Viking mission was the most expensive mission initiated by nasa on mars, as it cost us$ 1 billion.

andromeda, neighboring galaxy, space facts, interesting facts about space
andromeda, neighboring galaxy

#15. While Andromeda is the largest galaxy in the local cluster it may not be the most massive, milky way is thought to contain more darker matters, which could make it much more massive.

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#16. 93% of our body is made of stardust. Nasa has carried out a extensive research which can be found on their website.

titan, saturn's moon, space facts

#17. Titan, one of saturn’s moons, has a liquid cycle but its definitely not water, its a liquid methane.

saturn, second largest planet in our solar system

#18. Saturn overtakes jupiter as a host to the most moons in solar system. Astronomers have found 20 more moons around saturn making it a planet with 82 moons, whereas Jupiter has 79 moons.”

#19. Sometime ago, Scientists detect tones in the ringing of a newborn black hole for the first time.

#20. Muons are subatomic particles that exist just two millionth of second. Scientists think they could be the key to many mysteries in the universe.

speed of light, interesting facts about space
speed of light

#21. Even if you are able to travel close to the speed of light, it would still take 1,00,000 years to cross the milky way.

Gliese 436b, planet coated with the hot ice, space facts
Gliese 436b

#22. GLIESE 436B‘ is The planet that is coated with hot ice. And it is located roughly 30 light years away from earth.

sloan great wall supercluster
sloan great wall- supercluster

#23. The largest structure found in the universe is the sloan great wall, a supercluster of galaxies 1.38 billion light years away.

google chrome thumbnail, interesting facts
google chrome thumbnail

#24. Google Chrome has a detailed, interactive map of the density and location 1,00,000 stars in our galaxy.

shadow on the jupiter, facts space
shadow on the jupiter

#25. In 2009, a black spot about the size of earth appeared on the upper cloud surface of the planet jupiter.

IC 1101, space facts
IC 1101

#26. IC 1101, the largest galaxy in the known universe, is located almost a billion light years away from our planet earth. With a diameter of almost 6 million light years, it is 60 times bigger than the milky way.

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wasp 12b, facts about space
wasp 12b

#27. There is a planet named WASP-12B, which is being eaten by its star.

HD-189733B, facts about space

#28. The Planet called HD-189733B is possessing Rains of molten glass.

#29. The planet named HOTH is the coldest planet at -220 degrees Celsius ever known.

kelt 9b, hotter than all planet, space fact
kelt 9b, hotter than all planet

#30. There is planet called KELT-9B is hotter than all known planets with the temperature of 4800 degrees Celsius.

tres 2b, planet darker than coal, facts about space exploration
tres 2b

#31. The planet named TRES-2B is the darker planet than coal.

Valentina tereshkova, first woman who went in space, facts space
Valentina tereshkova

#32. The first woman who travels to the space – Valentina tereshkova

ross 128B
ross 128B

#33. ROSS 128B – an exoplanet that lies just 11 light years away from earth may be capable to sustain life.

#34. Earth possess the rain of water.
Venus possess the rain of sulfuric acid.
Neptune contains the rain of diamonds.
Titan possess the rain of methane.

blue sunset on mars, facts about space exploration
blue sunset on mars

#35. Blue coloured sunset occurs on the mars.

#36. Only 5% of the universe is made up of normal matter. 25% is by dark matter and 70% is of dark energy.

#37. “In the last 20 years, we have discovered more than a thousand planets outside our solar system.”

uranus, facts about space

#38. Recent research shows uranus smells like fart.

#39. In 3.75 billion years, The Milky way and The Andromeda galaxy will eventually collide forming a giant elliptical galaxy.


#40. The largest asteroid ever recorded – mammoth piece of space rock named Ceres. it’s diameter is almost 600 miles.


#41. There is a day on pluto is 6 earth days and 9 earth hours.

#42. 2021, we will have our first space hotel, for which you can start booking now.

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VY canis majoris
VY CANIS Majoris

#43. VY CANIS Majoris is a red star hypergiant which radius is of around 1500 times larger than the sun.


#44. In our solar system, There are now 4 drawf planets.


Makemake planet

#45. If we are being watched by any aliens who is 65 million light years away then they can see the dinosaurs not us. because they are too far from us, this happens because of a 65 million light years distance. such a big distance!

#46. The ancient Babylonians were the first to record their sightings Jupiter.

KEPLER-186F, planet can possesses sustain life

#47. There is a planet which name is KEPLER-186F on the outer edge of habitable zone of our Milky way galaxy Circling a drawf star, it possesses the probability of sustaining life.

#48. In our solar system the saturn is the second largest planet but you would be surprised by knowing that the saturn is the lightest planet in our solar system.

55 cancri e
55 cancri e

#49. There is a planet which name is  55 Cancri e in our Milky way which is bigger than earth, and fact is that it is made up of diamonds.

#50. There is a giant cloud of alcohol in the universe, the whole alcohol is floating in the universe. 

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